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Innovation through the Power of Integration
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Visit our booth to see solution demonstrations and in-booth theater presentations, and meet with Cisco subject matter experts.
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Attend Cisco’s Breakout Session
Cisco will present the following 45-minute breakout session:

Innovation through the Power of Integration
Doug Hurd, Cisco Security Technical Alliances Product Manager
Colin Lowenberg, Cisco Meraki Platform Partnerships Product Manager
Karthik Karupasamy, Cisco UCS Technical Marketing Engineer
Thursday, September 28 |1:20 p.m. | Ballroom C 

Cisco has one of the most complete technology solution portfolios in the industry, and through an industry-leading set of Splunk integrations, the power of Splunk and Cisco together will make your environment easier to manage, faster to respond to, and safer to operate. Come hear from three teams within Cisco whose technologies feature Splunk integrations.  Cisco Meraki will talk about using APIs to correlate network and infrastructure data, including a case study with the government of the largest Latin American country. Cisco UCS will discuss our mutually validated integrated architectures, automated deployment platforms, and Splunk integration with Cisco UCS itself. And Cisco Security will look at on-premises, mobile, and cloud-based security offerings brought together through the Splunk platform to simplify monitoring and accelerate incident response throughout the enterprise. 

Watch our Cube Session

Altaf Karim, Cisco Advanced Services Manager
Tuesday, September 26 | 11:30 a.m.