Get Started with Cisco Services

Take two easy steps to make sure you have access to all your Cisco technical support benefits, such as the Smart Net Total Care portal, online resources and software downloads, and the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Create Your Cisco Account

  1. Set Up Your Profile
    Create an ID and password to gain access to the many services available to you.
  2. Link Contracts to Your Profile
    Associate your service contracts with your profile so that we can confirm your entitlement and provide personalized access to tools and services.

Enable Smart Capabilities

Get visibility into your Cisco device inventory and manage it more efficiently using the Smart Net Total Care portal. By providing a single view of all your Cisco devices, contracts, and alerts, the portal helps you resolve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and better manage support risks.

1. Register for the Portal

Visit the registration site and follow the self-guided steps. Want a step-by-step overview? Check out this blog post.

2. Collect and Upload Device Data

Choose from a variety of options for providing your device data to the portal, including manual upload and discovery software.

3. Explore the Portal

After you have registered and uploaded your data, you are ready to use the Smart Net Total Care portal. Take a quick tour to start using these smart capabilities.

Need Additional Help?

Resolve Issues with Digital Resources

Quickly resolve technical issues, download software for your product, and get personalized links to content, software, and cases using award-winning Cisco Support Website.

Get Product-Relevant Information

Gain access to product model specifications, end-of-life information, support documentation, and software.

Download Software

Easily download software specific to your product, often with a single click.

Use Specialized Support Tools

Remediate software problems, get notifications, and accelerate essential support tasks.

Open and Track Support Cases

Need assistance? Open and track technical support cases from one application.

Review Device Details

See information for each product in your Cisco inventory, including product lifecycle status and service coverage.

Get Mobile Support

Use mobile support applications and take advantage of bar-code scanning and GPS features.

Use Support APIs

Get Cisco support data delivered directly to your internal applications.

Join the Support Community

Engage with peers and experts to share solutions and content.

Get Assisted Support

If you need help fixing device problems or replacing hardware, contact the Technical Assistance Center. You can also open and track support cases with the Cisco Technical Support mobile app.

Get Help with Device Issues

To get help with smart capabilities, visit the Smart Net Total Care Community.