Xentaurs is a next-generation consulting agency and systems integrator specializing in making digital business transformations a reality. They are a market leader in Cloud, DevOps, Big Data/Analytics and Machine Learning.

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One of the largest waste management companies in the U.S.


Cisco Gold Certified Partner with existing client relationship


Network modernization needed to enhance operations
When serving millions of customers in different regions, even small improvements in processes and operations can make a substantial financial impact. One idea is to leverage the Internet of Things, such as putting sensors on waste collection trucks, to increase work productivity. Another is to streamline and enhance mobile application delivery to users. However, before new technologies could be effectively employed, the client needed to modernize its network infrastructure. The client’s team selected Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI) and conducted an internal implementation.


More than 2K

municipalities and communities served.

Cisco revenue: $524,000 Cisco Tetration order

Underutilization turns into faster time to value
Though Cisco ACI had been implemented, the Cisco Gold Partner recognized that the client was not taking full advantage of it. Production workloads had yet to run in the environment.

The partner recommended that the client speak to Xentaurs, a veteran Cisco Digital Systems Integrator (Cisco DSI) partner. Xentaurs uses a proven engagement methodology that drives adoption and utilization of existing Cisco products. They helped outline how the client could save significant operating costs and realize other goals, such as application segmentation, faster. By adding Cisco Tetration Analytics, the client could achieve business objectives in 4-6 months versus 18 months.

The collaboration and cooperation between the Cisco Gold Partner, Xentaurs, and Cisco were key components to why this deal came together and closed in less than 5 months.

This proposal expanded Cisco’s account footprint and created a significant competitive advantage. In total, the product sales were $524,000 with the likelihood to increase to more than $1 million in additional services and solutions. And that’s just the beginning.

A thriving relationship with future opportunities
Because of the capabilities demonstrated by Xentaurs, discussions are already underway for future projects involving private cloud, security, DevOps transformation, and data center modernization. These projects are forecast to be worth up to $5 million in products and services over the next three to five years.


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One of the nation’s top hospitals


A Xentaurs partner owns the relationship with the client and teamed with Xentaurs to elevate the customer conversation around business-level requirements. The partner also acted as the technology reseller.


With a focus on high-quality patient care, a refresh was needed
This client’s IT needs aren’t just items to check off on a list. Meeting them means the difference between good or bad patient experiences. When its data center infrastructure could no longer provide the flexibility, stability, and uptime required for high-quality patient care, a full data center refresh was deemed essential.


Top since 2010

The client’s medical center has been ranked as one of the nation’s top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report continuously since 2010.

Cisco revenue: $2M

A business-level discussion instead of product-point comparison
To address all of the client’s needs, Xentaurs elevated the conversation with a workshop that focused on desired business outcomes and technical and governmental requirements, rather than product specs and price points.

Two outcomes were identified as absolute necessities: future-proofing of the infrastructure and avoiding vendor lock-in.

The recommendation was a data center refresh with an automation strategy and the adoption of Cisco ACI, Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches, and Cisco ASA Firewalls.

Some unexpected competition
Before the opportunity could close, however, Xentaurs faced an unforeseen obstacle: HPE tried to drastically undercut the sale. Xentaurs again elevated the conversation to focus on which solutions would best fit the client’s business, technical, and governmental requirements, rather than do a price and product comparison. Again, the conclusion showed that Cisco solutions were the best option.

Successful rollout leads to future opportunities
Xentaurs worked with the client over the course of six months to ensure a successful solution deployment and still engages regularly to ensure satisfaction. With its new, flexible infrastructure and ability to implement automation, the client anticipates much lower operational costs in the near future.

The next discussion with the client is about future initiatives that include adoption of Cisco CloudCenter, Tetration Analytics, and AppDynamics.


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One of the largest restaurant owner and operator in the United States


GreenPages maintains a longstanding relationship with the client and referred Xentaurs to empower deeper levels of critical thinking on digital strategy.


The original opportunity came to the reseller, GreenPages, as a “Core Network Refresh” requesting that they provide a product that met the technology requirements initially provided by IT.

Agile, compliant, reduction of risk
Xentaurs partnered with GreenPages to elevate the conversation and avoid the typical component functionality comparison. A workshop that included Lines of Business, as well as IT, altered the discussion to focus on the automation and micro-segmentation required for the actual business needs, namely PCI compliance at points-of-sale.


700 18K

The client owns and operates more than 700 restaurants under a well-known hamburger fast-food brand in 16 states, employing over 18,000 people.

Cisco revenue: $488,850 for hardware, $75,000 for services.

Experience leads to reduced time to solution and NSX Competitive Takeout
As a result, an integrated solution was proposed that not only met the business requirements, but also provided technical advantages that made the environment more agile and secure. ACI was inserted as one of the key building blocks needed in the overall proposed solution, which was accepted and purchased. Additionally, due to the effectiveness of the interactive Xentaurs Workshop, the sales cycle was reduced to just two months from an initial estimate of six months or more.


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