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Health Plans

The Move to Connected Healthcare

It's a disruptive time for health plans. Members are better informed and have more choices for how and where they receive care than ever before. As a health plan executive, you have the opportunity to become an engaged partner that works in concert with members and providers to improve health outcomes, continually earn your customers' loyalty, and create differentiation in a competitive market. Watch this welcome video featuring Tony Kalams and E.J. Bowen, senior healthcare practice advisors, to see how Cisco is helping health plans like yours.

Addressing the Three Health Plan Imperatives

Member engagement

Support and engage your members in new ways, becoming a proactive and vital member of their health team. Learn how

Provider Partnership

Work collaboratively with your provider community to simplify administration and make the transition to value-based care. Learn how

Innovate and Differentiate

Stand out from the crowd of health plans to increase customer loyalty and grow your business. Learn how

Incorporating the Internet of Everything, Cisco's vision for Connected Health encompasses people, processes, data, and devices to support high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. Providing advanced data management and analytics, personalized member experiences, secure video, and strategic guidance, Cisco offers a proven approach to educate, encourage, and enable the consumer to engage in their own wellness. To learn more about Cisco in the payer industry, please contact your Cisco representative.