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Working in Concert to Improve Health

With the rise of connected health, payers and providers can no longer support their mutual customers through a series of hand-offs. They must work in concert to orchestrate the very best care, proactively and on an individual basis.

This requires greater partnership and collaboration between payers and providers—before, during, and after health interventions. And it starts with humanizing the interactions that have traditionally been disconnected and reactive in nature. Using Cisco technologies, you can work closely with healthcare providers to:

  • Align resources, communications, and strategies
  • Collaborate on wellness plans and care
  • Increase support and guidance for members with chronic conditions
  • Maximize business and health-related data
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Innovate and differentiate in a competitive market

Provider Partnership Solutions

Strategies and solutions for health plans

Incorporating the Internet of Everything, Cisco's vision for Connected Health encompasses people, processes, data, and devices to support high-quality, cost-effective healthcare. Providing advanced data management and analytics, personalized member experiences, secure video, and strategic guidance, Cisco offers a proven approach to educate, and enable the customer to engage in their own wellness. To learn more about Cisco in the payer industry, please contact your Cisco representative.