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Data Virtualization

Empower your teams with the critical data they need, in the way they need it. Cisco Data Virtualization is agile data integration software that makes it easy to access all your data and query it across the network as if it were in a single place.

  • Bring new products to market faster

    Months to days

    With a complex portfolio of projects that is constantly changing, this large pharmaceutical company needed to make informed decisions about which prospective drugs show the most promise, and focus their resources accordingly.

    The Impact: established a more effective method of prototyping complex analytics solutions by enabling quicker access to data from multiple, disparate sources. The solution reduced the time needed to obtain new information from months to days, significantly improved data quality, and decreased R&D project dates missed by 60 percent.

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  • Manage inventory more effectively

    Annual cost savings of US$1 million

    This computer manufacturer required global visibility into orders and inventory across six regional procurement systems.

    The Impact: chose a data virtualization approach to integrate global procurement data for analysis and reporting. The solution was in production faster than a data warehouse alternative and reduced infrastructure and development costs by more than US$1 million annually. Faster inventory turns and improved customer satisfaction also provides an ongoing return on investment of millions of dollars per year.

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  • Build better customer segmentation

    Accelerated US$9 million of revenue

    Marketing analysts at this global gaming company wanted to analyze system usage in order to predict which games to market to which customers based on behavior information gathered from the source, including specific game activity, usage, purchases, etc. However, the methods for batch collection and aggregation of game usage data, clickstream data, and enterprise data was a very slow process.

    The Impact: data gathering cycles were dramatically reduced to daily updates, and the ability to add sources of information led to better customer segmentation and accelerated US$9 million of revenue.

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  • Improve account management

    Reduced customer request time by 90%

    Millions of customers manage their broadcasting and cable services online. This media company needed a way to improve accuracy and performance of account ownership changes.

    The Impact: reduced customer request time by 90%, lowered customer service costs by US$2000 per day, and improved customer satisfaction.

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  • Mitigate risk exposure

    Over eighty data sources included

    This international investment bank needed to expand its credit risk algorithms across 89 disparate data sources.

    The Impact: by federating market, online, and historical data on demand, and moving historical data to Hadoop for immediate access, they improved credit risk decision-making and compliance and saved US$1 million in development costs.

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  • Streamline project management

    10X faster data integration development cycle

    In order to effectively manage the complex fabless process, this telecommunication company needed to provide its program managers with fast access to a wide range of logistics data.

    The Impact: by combining information from multiple mixed sources, relational databases, and data warehouses, they experienced a 10x faster data integration development cycle and achieved a 90% reduction in integration development costs.

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